Dear reader, please understand that the ideas presented below have not yet reached their full maturity. They are ideas still seeking full expression. It’s a work in progress, but nevertheless they are powerful ideas awaiting someone or some group to carry the ideas forward with energy, dedication and a true sense of purpose. With the help of a few friends, I have set out below a powerful tool which we believe will enable everyone who so desires to play a part in bringing about a more just and sustainable world. We claim no ownership or copyright whatsoever. It’s waiting here for the right person or persons to take up the challenge presented below. You will need to be fairly social media savvy and enthusiastic. Are you that person?


Stop The World Day

Welcome to our new and ever-expanding network or movement dedicated to positive and peaceful global change. Everyone is welcome. The Stop The World network is for everybody who feels disempowered, helpless, victimized and frustrated with those in power over them – Well, I guess this amounts to almost everyone. Those holding power over you could include, but are not limited to; local politicians, government agencies, religion, banks and their banksters, powerful corporations which employ bullying tactics and syndicated media outlets owned and operated by self-serving megalomaniacs.


What We Do

Our primary focus or tool is our Stop The World Day. We are not about revolution or destruction. We are only concerned with sending a strong message to the global elite who make or manipulate the rules that we don’t agree with all of their policies, their implementation and tactics - hence we will collectively apply varying degrees of their very own Shock and Awe pressure or tactics whenever we choose until they begin to respond to our requests (see below). This network is solely for this purpose and every concerned and thinking person is able and encouraged to participate


Stop The Insanity

Just imagine the shock and awe that would be felt by our corporate and government bullies if, for just one day, everyone refrained from: purchasing anything, using their credit or debit cards, watching TV, buying newspapers, using their cars, doing any kind of banking or commercial transaction, using any government service or office, using a mobile phone...I think you may be getting the picture. Imagine the panic this would cause amongst the global elite who rule, reign, brainwash or govern us. Nothing would be destroyed. There is no revolution, no riot, no tear gas, and no beatings. No one goes to jail, no one disappears and no one appears on a no-fly list. In fact no one really has to do anything. Just refrain from playing their game for the day. This will stop their world for one day and this will send them a terrifying message that they cannot ignore. They cannot retaliate by blaming any particular persons, action, ethnic or socio-economic group as they won’t know who you are. It’s not illegal to turn off the TV, refrain from visiting a shopping mall or even staying home from work for a day.  Instead you could prepare for this day in advance. It’s not rocket science and everyone can participate. Do nothing except perhaps read a good book, play with the kids, make love with your partner or simply talk with someone. You get to choose, and doing so will not get you tear gassed, blacklisted or imprisoned.  


As more and more people begin to participate in doing nothing on the Stop The World Days, the threat to the global elite grows ever-more ominous. Eventually the few forward-thinking or concerned ones amongst them will begin to implement the changes demanded by their customers, members and citizens solely for their self–preservation – which is acceptable - considering.


Stopping their world for a day whenever we choose will serve to remind or teach them that it is we who pay their taxes or buy their products or services. They are there to serve us - not the other way around.  


How You Can Help

I realize that we did say that you don’t have to do anything on this day as doing nothing is the key, but actually beforehand you can help by spreading the word by using social media and any other forms of communication that are available to you. Visit us on Facebook. (account not yet established)


Remember, this is not a demonstration, a riot or a revolution. We are not trying to destroy anything. We are about peaceful change using the threat of monetary loss or the ever-diminishing loss of power of those who rule over us. Such loss is the only language they understand and that they will respond to. Also realize that they are totally reliant upon us and our up-till-now subservience and perceived powerlessness. By stopping their world whenever we choose will force them to listen to our collective disappointments and to make gradual or, better still, rapid changes to how we are treated.


So What Are Our Demands?

Good question. They are many and these would depend upon many factors such as where you live, your race, gender, government, religion and socio-economic situation, etc. For example, if banksters have stolen your money through immoral, yet legal, financial transactions wouldn’t this be a demand for justice for you? What if clergy at your local church were harboring a know pedophile, or better still transferred him to the Vatican where he is immune from prosecution or extradition? What if your government introduced austerity measures which punished the poor whilst the rich remain untouched? I guess in the end it boils down to justice, equality and equal rights for all and something which is totally alien to the global elite. The global elite are totally disinterested and detached from the plight of humanity and are only interested in maintaining the status quo for their own lust for wealth and power – and they are never satisfied. They simply see us as their surfs or slaves to further increase their wealth.


Stop The World Day Is…(to be announced soon)


Stop supporting them and support us instead and help stop the insanity.

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  Garry Greenwood