Dark Illuminati Hoax

A series of YouTube clips exposing the secret world of Satanic worship in mainstream Government and itís effect upon some countryís foreign policy and how itís deliberately damaging those societies.

Featuring Garry Greenwood amongst others, this series discusses the supernatural occult forces and the people that practise dark and dangerous rituals that are hidden in plain sight. They are actively trying to manage your paradigm of thought.

Discover how Satanism goes all the way to the very top of the political food chain.

Episode 1. DNA BANKERS Dark Illuminati Hoax http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHo8q-c9lZ4&list=UU7YuSR4ZMqNO46V_Qg2qbFw

Episode 2. DNA BANKERS Dark Illuminati Hoax Cults of Gold 




Episode 3. DNA BANKERS   http://youtu.be/hm0bRb3aI-4



Episode 4.  DNA BANKERS  http://youtu.be/7yOtCa6FYus