Beware Of This Man and his associates 


      Garry Greenwood    October 4, 2012.


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                                                                                                                                Ultra neo-nationalist Mayor of Tokyo, Shintaro Ishihara, inspects his troops.


Once tipped to be a Japanese Prime Minister, Shintaro Ishihara, is the current Mayor of the greater Tokyo region. He reigns over a densely populated region of over 20 million people. He loves a bit of controversy. He calls all foreigners in Japan ‘niggers’. He recently declared that the recent devastating March 2011 tsunami in Japan was a warning from god because of the Japanese peoples’ collective greed. God was truly unhappy that day. He says that women who live past their childbearing days are sinful. He also says Japan should dispense with its pacifist post-war constitution and re-arm itself. He says a lot of things. He’s famous for his inflammatory and ultra-nationalist books, essays, speeches and sentiments. He’s often in the news and he’s got history.


He unexpectedly resigned from his parliamentary seat when it was revealed that he was a financier and gave political support to the murderous Aum Shinrikyo cult - the cult that released deadly sarin gas in the Tokyo subway in 1995 which killed dozens and injured thousands of Tokyo commuters. It was a time when the Aum cult was procuring nuclear weaponry from the cash-strapped and crumbling Soviet Empire supposedly to bring about their (and our) global Armageddon.


He also represents a group of Japanese hard-line ultra-nationalists who are wanting to re-assert Japan’s perceived global superiority, i.e. a global theocracy under the divine leadership of the Japanese Emperor; something that the Japanese militarists tried to achieve during W.W.1.1. Their catch cry was and still is ‘all the world under the one roof’ which is religion/politico speak for a global Japanese theocracy.


Japan’s post-war constitution prohibits them from having a military force, having instead to make do with just a self-defense force. So how could it ever be possible for these hard-liners to bring about Japan’s rightful position at the top of the pile?


Enter Shintaro Ishihara.


You may have witnessed in the media this past September the rising tensions between Japan and China over ownership of the tiny Diaoyu Islands in the South China Sea. Both nations are claiming ownership and in order to provoke and hopefully bring about some form of military action from China these Japanese hard-liners, under the leadership of Shintaro Ishihara recently occupied these disputed islands. To legitimize his actions in re-igniting this dispute Shintaro Ishihara arranged for the collection of a massive amount of cash with which he was going to use to purchase the islands from a Japanese family who also claims ownership. In the end the Japanese government stepped in and bought them instead for an even greater amount - $30 million dollars. Naturally, this has inflamed the Chinese government no end and the situation continues to escalate just as Ishiraha had hoped. But why would Ishihara and his band of ultra-nationalists want to take their nation to the brink of war with China?



With much of the Japanese population now up in arms, so to speak, at China’s threats, and with Japan’s business interests in China as well as it’s Japanese citizens within China under great threat it’s easy for the Japanese people to now see China as the bad guy who is threatening them. This now gives legitimacy to the Japanese ultra-national’s cry to change their outdated constitution and to allow them to once again establish an offensive military force as this is their main raison d’etre. This is their wildcard and once it’s dealt, Shintaro Ishihara and his band of ultra-nationalists are then free to further ignite their absurd and deadly aims of global supremacy.


You are welcome to read via my website how I was once a high-ranking official in a Japanese new-age cult for many years. The founder and guru of this cult was one of Ishihara’s closest associates and the guru personally initiated him into the cult since the guru says how they both shared the same aims and ideologies. In fact Japanese members of the cult are encouraged to study Ishihara’s writings, etc. After I deserted the cult I discovered how my ex-guru had been a fanatical militarist and a key figure in the infamous Rape of Nanjing which, incidentally, Shintaro Ishihara claims never happened and is simply a Chinese fabrication.


So, in conclusion I would advise one to be wary of this man, his associates and any Japanese new or old age movement selling global peace and harmony as it could cost you dearly as it did me.


Since this Japan-China dispute is still playing out I’ll try and update you at a later time and as this plot thickens. If interested, you could also do your own Google research as you will find much more to the story and the main characters than I have presented here.


Garry Greenwood

LATEST UPDATE...HERE>>>  Dec 11, 2013.